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Fighting the Independent Spirit?

I love cats, but they are not obedient. They act coy and do their own thing most of the time. They buddy up to you and snuggle when they want treats. Mine cries when my husband and I are not in the same room (or is he working the other human for another treat?). They have wants and needs you must fulfill immediately! You have heard it said that when you own a cat you are considered "the help." In short, they have an independent spirit.

Does the sound familiar to you? I find myself sometimes acting like this independent animal. I can go a few days at times just doing my own thing. Out of nowhere I will think of something I would like God to do for me so I say something like "Could you smooth the wrinkles on my face for me?" (True story I am afraid). I hear back from my beloved Holy Spirit "you are radiant when you spend time with me." Remember Moses glowed when he came down the mountain. So I get plenty of no nonsense responses to stupid requests. I would not believe one of them if there were not an example in scripture to line up to the response. So I spend time with Him and as I age I see less and less wrinkles on my face (yes I wear glasses). It could be from spending time with Him, it doesn't matter. My point is to round up that independent spirit and allow yourself to yield to the living God who will lead you in ways of righteousness for His namesake. The Amazing Mr. Big wants to answer all of your questions no matter how far you have wandered in your own power or how silly the question. He is not afraid of any of your questions. When the world says there are stupid questions, He says well not so fast. He made you in your mothers womb. He created you to love Him and know Him. Ask serious and ridiculous questions of the living God and try not to act like a cat for crying out loud.

Dig deeper by reading about Moses glowing in Exodus 34:29 -> When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.

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