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Have you ever wondered about the truth? I mean the real truth, from the beginning of time when Satan lied to Eve? I used to be a fraud investigator, so I have an insatiable drive to find answers. One day I arrived at my wit's end, ready to pursue truth and knew the only way I was going to get answers was to investigate and think for myself.


I write from a need for answers. I studied the Bible for over twenty years and came to my own clear conclusions about the 330 prophecies Jesus fulfilled. The story of Over My Dead Body is how I decided to arrange those conclusions.

It turned out to be an adventure that will set every truth seeker's soul on fire. If you are a truth seeker too, I hope you will join me on this grand adventure to uncover the experience of a lifetime.


Order a copy of the novel and the study guide and join me on an even deeper Bible study adventure. I also have something for the kids. Invite your whole family along for the journey using my children's book, The Amazing Mr. Big, which simplifies the story of the Bible in 229 words.


My goal is to make the reality of the Bible understandable and straightforward. If you are tired and weary of not understanding facts, I pray these books will fulfill your yearning for truth. 






I am on a quest to help others pursue truth. If you are part of a bible study or book club and would like a quick Facetime or Skype visit from me, please contact me. I read and respond to every email.


Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler is an American author born in Omaha, NE. Kelly studied religion and business at the University of Nebraska at Omaha & Bellevue University.


Kelly's passion for the word of God, history, and all things supernatural is what lead her to write the biblical, historical fiction thriller, Over My Dead Body. The novel hit Amazon #1 new release bestseller in pre-order on Sept.30, 2018. The paperback is a #1 new release and is also available in audiobook. The Amazing Mr. Big, Kelly's children's book, hit #1 New Release also which is available in print and e-book. In 2019 she published a companion Bible Study Guide to dig deeper into the biblical concepts in the novel. She is working on a sequel due for publication in 2021.

Kelly lives in Charleston, SC, with her husband. She is a mother of two daughters and Gigi to a grandson and a granddaughter.

Photo Credit: Jordy Henson

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