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Hey Kelly, what's up? Click on the information below to listen to my podcast, watch or read interviews, or learn about news & events. 


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Talk Jam Podcast  

Join Kelly and her  Co-Host, Author Susan Sloate.  Musicians jam, just for fun. At TALK JAM recorded live and then flash-frozen in an undisclosed secret location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It's about writing; it's about books. It's about the Bible; it's a lot about history, politics, and conspiracy theories; we're serving them all up in one big jam! 


Watch A Live Interview: 


This is an  Interview on the Live Living Network, a Resort Lifestyle Community, with Author Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler and Susan Sloate about the novel, Over My Dead Body. A number 1 bestseller in Biblical Fiction. 


Listen to the book on Audible


Join bestselling author and Christy Award winner, James L. Rubart, as he narrates Kelly's novel on Audible. Check out the stellar audiobook reviews. 



Interview with Kelly 

Enjoy this brief written interview with Kelly. 


Book Release Article 

A great short article in the Charleston Regional Business Journal about the release of Kelly's first novel. 

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